Latest Obsession: Sign Painting

I recently took an old school Sign Painting workshop with the talented John Lennig of BIG TOP SIGN ARTS. This class was part of the Spring edition of Vancouver"s Got Craft? that I am sometimes a part of. John was also part of the Sign Painters documentary that was put together by Faythe Levine & Sam Macon. Definitely worth a look if you are interested in this craft and the people across America who are keeping it alive. The tradition of the hand painted sign and lettering is coming back in a big way and I think I'm hooked! There is some much more soul in anything handmade, even in the signs that are selling me things I should not be buying. 
Sorry blowtorch but I'm cheating on you with brush.
Time to paint an obscene amount of letters.


They Broke the Mold

A few behind the scenes looks at the process of lost wax casting. 
It's pretty awesome stuff. I'm all for anything where I can be messing around with molten metal and fire.
Lost wax or investment casting is a process in which you carve a design in wax or use an organic form (such as a pine cone) you then surround in a ceramic like material or "investment".
This is then fired in a kiln and the wax or organic item is burned away (or lost) inside the hardened investment, leaving a mold you can then use to cast the item.
...and... I actually sound like I know what I'm talking about;)
For a better description Google is your homeboy.


Rough Crush

My latest crush...
Copper and Semi Precious stone rings from Esty seller Midwest Alchemy.
Arrgh..why didn't I think of this?!


Back From Oz

Sorry for the lack of posts but I've been in Australia for the last few weeks!
More to come as soon as the Jet Lag releases it's grip on my Brain.



My lovely friend Sarah was nice enough to let me shoot her wearing some
Solder & Punch jewelry last weekend. She is so beautiful, has impossibly gorgeous curls,
and puts together the most amazing outfits of almost all thrift store finds.

Sarah is wearing the Solder & Punch Spike Necklace, Rivet Ring and my own personal mesh printed silver cuff.